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Gemma Cuartielles
—journalist and editor

After her experience as Editor-in-Chief
at Brut for Spain and Mexico —awarded by ICFJ, Walter Reuter and WAN IFRA—, Gemma has come back to the field as journalist. She writes for renowned media such as El País, covering social issues that are reshaping Mexico and Latin America. She teaches Digital Narratives for Documentaries at the university Tec de Monterrey, Mexico City.

Videos + articles

Her previous experience in the editorial world includes reporting and presenting
for Spanish media outlets: La Vanguardia, PlayGround, Metal Magazine. She also has designed and lead meaningful content strategies for brands such as Mango. 


She's been working around the globe: Spain —where she's from—, Mexico —where she lives since 2018—, France, US, Colombia. 

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This site is under construction. 

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